Roxana Aroni lives in Santa Rosa, Melgar province, Puno. The most unequal region when the HDI is adjusted by inequality, with a loss of 45%. 

In Puno, 30% fewer women than men finish at least secondary education. And the gap in development between urban and rural areas y almost the same as in Lima, another deeply unequal region. 

It is difficult to live in Melgar. 

However, a group of women is facing off with difficulty. 

Roxana and other women in her community have taken upon themselves to care for the wellbeing of everybody by monitoring the quality of water. They check to see if the water in the community is good for human consumption or not, taking care of a natural resource, basic for development and the health of their families. This register is being taken to the corresponding authorities, effectively taking part in the issue and looking to make a change regarding the problem. 

“Every woman should participate, so our environment doesn’t keep being contaminated.” Says Roxana, “We can do it.” 

Roxana is creating opportunities for development, working for the wellbeing of her community so no one gets left behind. 



Roxana is a partner of the Small Grants Programme, by the GEF, implemented in Peru by UNDP and the Ministry of Environment. It is taking place in Arequipa, Puno, Cusco, and Tacna until 2020. 


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